Oozie Share Lib does not exist error 1

In this post we will discuss about one of common/frequent error message faced by many oozie beginners due to incorrect/incomplete oozie setup. Oozie Share Lib does not exist error is received if oozie sharelib is not installed properly.

Error Scenario:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: File /user/user/share/lib does not exist

This error message we will get when we submit any oozie job with below property set to true in job.properties file

and if you have missed providing the share lib path in job.properties file explicitly with below command.

then we might get below error messages and jobs will fail.

Root Cause:

If we do not specify the oozie.libpath as shown above, by default oozie will refer to the local file system directories and it will not be able to find the share lib in LFS and it will throw this error message. And even hadoop configurations will not be setup properly in oozie-site.xml by default.


We have to change these two properties to point to correct hadoop configurations directory and hdfs share lib path as shown below. Here i have to provide HADOOP_CONF_DIR value to first property as shown below. (do not skip *=) and provide hdfs file system qualifier as hdfs:// for the second property.

Now restart your oozie service with $ oozied.sh restart command and happy oozieing.

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