Similar to the Web UI for Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop also provided YARN Web UI for Yarn Resource manager.


Enter the URL as http://localhost:8088/ in web browser and to point to port number 8088 on localhost host name in pseudo-distributed mode. In Fully distributed mode, replace the ‘localhost’ with actual host name of machine on cluster. Yarn Cluster For example, let us run one Map Reduce job from terminal and browse through each section present on YARN Web UI. Map reduce job running As shown in above screen, if jobs are running for longer time, job’s progress can be monitored from the URL given as shown above for our example.

14/04/07 21:47:52 INFO mapreduce.Job: The url to track the job: http://siva-desktop:8088/proxy/application_1396885203337_0003/

During the job run, by opening the above URL in web browser, we can monitor the progress of the job as shown below. MR job run2 Once the job is completed successfully, MR Job completed MR Job completed 2 This job will added to Finished Applications section in the cluster home page. Finished Apps We can observe the state of the jobs as FINISHED and Final Status as SUCCEEDED for successfully completed jobs. If jobs are during their run time, these will be listed under KILLED section and any failed jobs will be listed under FAILED section. We can monitor the status of the scheduler from scheduler section in Cluster Menu. MR Scheduler We can also trace the logs of the jobs through Tools –> Local Logs path. For detailed information of tracing of logs please refer the post Tracing of Logs

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8 thoughts on “YARN Web UI

  • Balaji

    Hi Siva,

    I am not able to open “The URL to track the job”: http://bigdata-017:8088/proxy/application_1446784014825_0001/


    Could you please help me how to do it..


    • Eric

      I’m sure you’ve either figured this out already or moved on, but I’m hoping this will help others. What solved the issue for me was simply adding the host name of the node yarn is deployed on, to your hosts file along with the IP of your client machine (Assuming you’re accessing this remotely). Regardless of if you’re using the IP or the host name in your URL, the only way I could access the job history web url was if I added that host/IP. I didn’t have an issue accessing any of the other Hadoop-based web applications… Only the one you’re referring to (http://:8088/proxy//) and job history, as well (http://:19888/jobhistory/).

      I did a some research and I believe it has something to do with the fact that you have to go through a proxy. Here’s a link that goes into a little more detail.



  • deependra

    Hi Siva,

    Im searching for a way to reliably identify hive queries in the yarnui. As of now, all our hive queries have standard cryptic names and it is hard to tell which queries runs in the cluster. Is there any other way to achieve a solution to my problem.. Please comment.

    • Siva Post author

      Yeah this is a known issue, I didn’t see any solution for this, except by predicting the complete query by looking at the a few initial characters of query and user id.

  • Soumya

    My yarnapplicationstate is accepted. job is not running. It is stuck at accepted state and memory total is showing 0 bytes, active node is 0, unhealthy nodes is 1. Please help me out

  • Bharath

    Hi Siva,
    Could you please tell how to get application information from application master IP and RPC with out using tracking URL which is a proxy.

    Thanks in advance

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