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Hive Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1 5

Below are some of the important Hive Interview Questions and Answers required for Hadoop developers and administrators. Hive Interview Questions and Answers 1. What is Metadata? Data about Data. 2. What is Hive? Hive is one of the important tool in Hadoop eco system and it provides an SQL like dialect to Hadoop distributed file system. 3. What are the features of Hive? Hive provides, Tools to enable easy data extract/transform/load […]

Hive Overview 1

In this post we will discuss about basic details of Hive Overview . What is Hive ? : Hive is an important tool in the Hadoop ecosystem and it is a framework for data warehousing on top of Hadoop. Hive is initially developed at Facebook but now, it is an open source Apache project used by many organizations as a general-purpose, scalable data processing platform. Hive Overview is described below on high level. […]

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I have attended Siva’s Spark and Scala training. He is good in presentation skills and explaining technical concepts easily to everyone in the group. He is having excellent real time experience and provided enough use cases to understand each concepts. Duration of the course and time management is awesome. Happy that I found a right person on time to learn Spark. Thanks Siva!!!

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