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Data Collection from HTTP Client into HBase 7

This post provides a proof of concept of data collection from HTTP client into HBase. In this post, we will setup a flume agent with HTTP Source, JDBC Channel and AsyncHBase Sink. Initially we concentrate on POC of HTTP client data collection into HBase and at the end of this post we will go deep into details of each component used for setup of this agent. Now lets create our […]

Flume Avro Client – Collecting a Remote File into Local File 2

In this post, we will discuss about setup of a Flume Agent using Avro Client, Avro Source, JDBC Channel, and File Roll sink. First we will create Agent3 in flume.conf file under FLUME_HOME/conf directory. Flume Agent – Avro Source, JDBC Channel and File Roll Sink: Add the below configuration properties in flume.conf file to create Agent3.

Make sure /usr/lib/flume/agent/files/ directory is created and Flume use has write permissions to this location. […]

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