Hbase Daemons in Pseudo Distribution Mode

In Hbase cluster,

  • we can start hbase daemons with start-hbase.sh command or

  • But in pseudo distribution mode (hbase.cluster.distributed=false), only HMaster daemon will be triggered but not the HRegionServer daemon or HQuorumPeer daemon.

When we start the daemons with start-hbase.sh or individual hbase-daemon.sh commands for region server will not trigger daemon because of the below condition in start-hbase.sh script.


When we try to trigger the regionserver daemon through hbase-daemon.sh command we will receive error message as shown below.


But HQuorumPeer daemon can be started separately with hbase-daemon.sh command as shown below.


  • To stop hbase daemons, we can use stop-hbase.sh command. In fully distributed mode, this command will stop all the daemons (HMaster, HRegionServer & HQuorumPeer) running in all machines (both master node and slave nodes) the cluster.
  • But in pseudo distributed mode, it will stop HMaster daemon only as it is the only daemon that can be started with start-hbase.sh command.

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