Hadoop Testing Tools 3

Hadoop Testing Tools

  • MRUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Hadoop Map reduce jobs.
  • Mockito – Java Framework, similar to MRUnit for unit testing Hadoop Map reduce jobs.
  • PigUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Pig Scripts.
  • HiveRunner – An Open Source unit test framework for hadoop hivequeries based on JUnit4
  • Beetest – Unit Testing Framework for Hive Queries
  • Hive_test – Another Open source unit testing framework for Hive
  • HBaseTestingUtility – Java API for HBase Mini-cluster and we can use this along with Junit/Mockito/MRUnit frameworks to unit test Hbase Applications.
  • QuerySurge – Test tool built to automate Data Warehouse testing and the ETL Testing process. JDBC-compliant db, DWH, DMart, flat file, XML, Hadoop.
  • There are no automation tools or frameworks available for Flume, sqoop and oozie unit testing yet. These need to be tested manually.

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Senior Hadoop developer with 4 years of experience in designing and architecture solutions for the Big Data domain and has been involved with several complex engagements. Technical strengths include Hadoop, YARN, Mapreduce, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Pig, HBase, Phoenix, Oozie, Falcon, Kafka, Storm, Spark, MySQL and Java.

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