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    Nitendra Gautam

    Hi ,
    I want know what are the important Hadoop commands we use in the command line while working in the Production environment.
    Some of the commands i know are getmerge,set rep command.




    Hi Nitendra,

    For the list of Hadoop FS commands that are more or less frequently used in production environment can be found at

    and for investigating on any other command you can use the above right corner google search box to find results on the commands.

    Let me know if you want to know about any specific command that is not present on this site’s search


    shalli goel

    There are mainly five important commands that you use while accessing HDFS from command line;
    put or copyFromLocal
    get or copyToLocal
    rm or rmr



    Commands are helpful us a lot in the Hadoop training. Balancer,cacheadmin,crypto,datanode,dfsadmin,haadmin are the best administration commands.
    sap bi training



    There are many more commands in “$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop fs” than are demonstrated here, although these basic operations will get you started. Running ./bin/hadoop dfs with no additional arguments will list all the commands that can be run with the FsShell system.Visit this helpful article about Hadoop commands.

    I hope it will help you



    Hi Siva,

    Firstly, I appreciate your effort with regards to this Website. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Here I am with a Very basic question on HDFS commands. When we have “COPYFROMLOCAL” why we have “PUT” is there any specific difference between these commands.
    Thanks again for your time on sharing your knowledge…
    Good luck..


    ratul arora

    hii,you can check some useful commands for hadoop by the below link.

    hope, it will be helpful
    happy hadooping


    ratul arora

    hii,you can check some useful commands for hadoop by the below link.

    hope, it will be helpful
    happy hadooping



    Hi syam,

    copyFromLocal is similar to put command, except that the source is restricted to a local file reference.
    So, basically you can do with put, all that you do with copyFromLocal, but not vice-versa.


    copyToLocal is similar to get command, except that the destination is restricted to a local file reference.
    Hence, you can use get instead of copyToLocal, but not the other way round.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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