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Hadoop Testing Tools 3

Hadoop Testing Tools MRUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Hadoop Map reduce jobs. Mockito – Java Framework, similar to MRUnit for unit testing Hadoop Map reduce jobs. PigUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Pig Scripts. HiveRunner – An Open Source unit test framework for hadoop hivequeries based on JUnit4 Beetest – Unit Testing Framework for Hive Queries Hive_test – Another Open source unit testing framework for Hive […]

Flume Sqoop Pig HBase Unit Testing 1

Testing Flume Scope Testing will cover the functional testing of the data transfer from source machines (External Systems) to HDFS/HBase. Testing of Individual Flume Components like, different Source types, Channel Types and Sink Types will be included. Testing of Custom Flume Agents/Embedded flume agents in other automated jobs/tools. Limitations & Exclusions Installation of Flume (Infrastructure) may not need to be tested. Record level transfer validation may not be done from […]

QuerySurge Configuring Connections

QuerySurge Configuring Connections: SQL Server When you create a QuerySurge Connection, the Add Connection Wizard will guide you through the process. Different types of QuerySurge connections require different types of information. For an SQL Server Connection, you will need the following information (check with a DBA or other knowledgeable resource in your organization): Database login credentials (ID and Password) Server Name or IP address of the SQL Server (e.g. sqlsvr1.myserver.com, […]

QuerySurge single machine installation – Windows

QuerySurge single machine installation – Windows 1. Download the QuerySurge Installer to the machine you want to install QuerySurge on. 2. Double click on the QuerySurge Installer to start the installation process.   Click “Next" to accept the License Agreement, and “Next" again to set the installation directory. 3. On the ‘Select Components’ section, make sure “Database", “Server", “Agent" are checked. Leave “Tutorial + Sample Data" checked to install the […]

Querysurge Tool for Hadoop Testing

Querysurge Tool for Hadoop Testing The QuerySurge CASE tool developed by RTTS is a tool that assists the DW testers in preparing and scheduling query pairs to compare data transformed from the source to the destination, for example; preparing a query pair one that runs on a DS and the other on the ODS to verify the completeness, correctness, and consistency of the structure of data and the data transformed […]

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