Sqoop Interview Questions and Answers

Sqoop Interview Cheat Sheet 1

Install sqoop sudo yum install sqoop sudo apt-get install sqoop in sqoop-normal commnd prompt sqoop config file—sqoop site.xml install jdbc drivers After you’ve obtained the driver, you need to copy the driver’s JAR file(s) into Sqoop’s lib/ directory. If you’re using the Sqoop tarball, copy the JAR files directly into the lib/ directory after unzipping the tarball. If you’re using packages, you will need to copy the driver files into the /usr/lib/sqoop/lib directory […]

100 Interview Questions on Hadoop 5

1. What does commodity Hardware in Hadoop world mean? ( D ) a) Very cheap hardware b) Industry standard hardware c) Discarded hardware d) Low specifications Industry grade hardware 2. Which of the following are NOT big data problem(s)? ( D) a) Parsing 5 MB XML file every 5 minutes b) Processing IPL tweet sentiments c) Processing online bank transactions d) both (a) and (c) 3. What does “Velocity" in […]

Sqoop Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced 19

In this post we will provide some practical Sqoop Interview Questions and Answers for experienced hadoop developers. Sqoop Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced 1. What is Sqoop? Sqoop is an open source tool that enables users to transfer bulk data between Hadoop eco system and relational databases. 2. What are the relational databases supported in Sqoop? Below are the list of RDBMSs that are supported by Sqoop Currently. MySQL PostGreSQL […]

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