Hadoop and Hive Interview Cheat Sheet 1

Hive SQL Based Datawarehouse app built on top of hadoop(select,join,groupby…..) It is a platform used to develop SQL type scripts to do MapReduce operations. PARTITIONING Partition tables changes how HIVE structures the data storage *Used for distributing load horizantally ex: PARTITIONED BY (country STRING, state STRING); A subset of a table’s data set where one column has the same value for all records in the subset. In Hive, as in most databases […]

String Functions in Hive 3

This post is about basic String Functions in Hive with syntax and examples. Creating Table in HIVE:

String Functions and Normal Queries:

ASCII ASCII Function converts the first character of the string into its numeric ASCII value.

CONCAT The CONCAT function concatenates all the strings/columns.

CONCAT_WS Syntax: “CONCAT_WS(string delimiter, string str1,str2……)" The CONCAT_WS function concatenates all the strings only strings and Column with datatype string.


Hive Aggregate Functions 1

Creating Table in HIVE :