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NoSQL Databases

In this post we will discuss about NoSQL Databases and their characteristics and differences of NoSQL vs SQL databases. What is NoSQL NoSQL stands for Not Only SQL and provides mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. Features of NoSQL databases Non-Relational Distributed Open-Source Horizontally Scalable Relaxing from ACID properties of RDBMS but adheres to BASE […]

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

In this post we will briefly discuss about Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing concepts and their uses and market trends in IT industry. Business Intelligence What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence is the set of processes, technologies, and tools that help an organization to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis (Identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems). What is the need for […]

Most Popular Hadoop Distributions

Most Popular Hadoop Distributions Currently there are lot of Hadoop distributions available in the big data market, but the major free open source distribution is from Apache Software Foundation. And even remaining hadoop distribution companies provide free versions of Hadoop, and also provide customized hadoop distributions suitable for client organization needs. By using Apache Hadoop as the core framework, these companies build their own customized hadoop cluster setup and services […]

Big Data Challenges 1

In the previous post we have discussed about brief introduction to Big Data, and now we will discuss about Big Data Challenges along with its characteristics. Before going into big data challenges, we will briefly go through the characteristics of Big data. Big Data Characteristics Often Big data characteristics are described with the help of Five Vs (Big Data Volume Velocity Variety and Veracity). They are as follows. Volume – How […]

Big Data Introduction 3

We have been discussing all technical details on hadoop and its eco system tools in all categories of this site till now. To be successful for any hadoop developer, it is very important to focus on the data part in addition to technical details of Hadoop architecture and its sub-components. In any industry, at the end of day, business usage/ business benefits out of out one tool or product will rule […]

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