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The main motto of this site is to provide tutorials on Hadoop technology and Big data tools so that any IT programmer can easily learn  the most emerging technology, Hadoop and use it for solving Big data processing problems.

All the concepts covered in the site are presented with simple tested examples and provides more hands-on visibility of the technology on first read it self. All tutorials are free with public visibility so that any visitor of the site can go ahead and start learning it. No Membership or registration is required.

Your valuable comments/feedback on any post or page are always welcome.

Sources for the explanation of Hadoop concepts are extracted from the documentation libraries for various projects at Apache Software Foundation

Books referenced are:

1. Hadoop: The Definitive Guide by Tom White.

2. Professional Hadoop Solutions by Boris Lublinsky, Kevin T. Smith and Alexey Yakubovich.

3. Hadoop In Practice by Alex Holmes.

4. Hadoop Real-World Solutions Cookbook by Jonathan R. Owens, Jon Lentz and Brian Femiano.

5. Hadoop Beginner’s Guide by Garry Turkington.

Siva@Owner & Author:                                   Deccan Trails-TRAD-105

Senior Hadoop Developer with strong technical experience on Hadoop and related technologies.

Areas of expertise include:
–  Hadoop Administration and Development. 
–  Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Avro, TezHBase, NoSQL and real time analytics. Azkaban, Zookeeper, MySQL, Splunk, Tableau, Qlikview.
–  Big Data strategy planning, Design & Development on Cloud Services.

reach me at siv535@gmail.com or +91-9704231873


Bala Govardhan@Co-Author – Cloudera Certified Hadoop Deveoper

Lead Architect in Big data technologies and Data scientist. Very Strong in Real time data analysis and Machine Learning.Bala

Areas of expertise include:

  • Splunk, Tableau, RHadoop
  • Mapreduce, YARN, Tez
  • PIG, Hive, HBase, Flume, Sqoop and Azkaban
  • Java, Spring, Struts, Hibernate and Web Services

Reach him at pbalagovardhanreddy@gmail.com, 9951505068

About Siva

Senior Hadoop developer with 4 years of experience in designing and architecture solutions for the Big Data domain and has been involved with several complex engagements. Technical strengths include Hadoop, YARN, Mapreduce, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Pig, HBase, Phoenix, Oozie, Falcon, Kafka, Storm, Spark, MySQL and Java.

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