Daily Archives: October 12, 2015

Advanced Java Class Tutorial: A Guide to Class Reloading

In┬áJava development, a typical workflow involves restarting the server with every class change, and no one complains about it. That is a fact about Java development. We have worked like that since our first day with Java. But is Java class reloading that difficult to achieve? And could that problem be both challenging and exciting to solve for┬áskilled Java developers? In this Java class tutorial, I will try to address […]

Hadoop Real Time Usecases with Solutions 1

Below are a few Hadoop Real Time usecases with solutions. Usecase 1 Problem:- Data Description: This gives the information about the markets and the products available in different regions based on the seasons. You will find the below fields listed in that file.

Problem Statement: Select any particular county and calculate the percentage of different products produced by each Market in that particular county. Note: Here we have total […]