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Real Time Hadoop Interview Questions From Different Readers 3

Real Time Hadoop Interview Questions from Various interviews Hive – Where do you use Internal or Managed table? What scenarios? In your resume, what do you mean by, “monitoring & managing MapReduce jobs”? Explain? Interviewer’s Project: How to modify the RDBMs’ Nested SQL queries into Hadoop framework using Pig. Sqoop: Need to know very well. Some of the current projects are importing data from other RDBMs sources into HDFS. Can […]

Hadoop Testing Tools 3

Hadoop Testing Tools MRUnit  – Java framework that helps developers unit test Hadoop Map reduce jobs. Mockito –  Java Framework, similar to MRUnit for unit testing Hadoop Map reduce jobs. PigUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Pig Scripts. HiveRunner – An Open Source unit test framework for hadoop hivequeries based on JUnit4 Beetest –  Unit Testing Framework for Hive Queries Hive_test – Another Open source unit testing framework for Hive […]

String Functions in Hive 3

This post is about basic String Functions in Hive with syntax and examples. Creating Table in HIVE:

String Functions and Normal Queries:

ASCII ASCII Function converts the first character of the string into its numeric ASCII value.

 CONCAT The CONCAT function concatenates all the strings/columns.

CONCAT_WS Syntax: “CONCAT_WS(string delimiter, string str1,str2……)” The CONCAT_WS function concatenates all the strings only strings and Column with datatype string.


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I have attended Siva’s Spark and Scala training. He is good in presentation skills and explaining technical concepts easily to everyone in the group. He is having excellent real time experience and provided enough use cases to understand each concepts. Duration of the course and time management is awesome. Happy that I found a right person on time to learn Spark. Thanks Siva!!!

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