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Real Time Hadoop Interview Questions From Different Readers 3

Real Time Hadoop Interview Questions from Various interviews Hive – Where do you use Internal or Managed table? What scenarios? In your resume, what do you mean by, “monitoring & managing MapReduce jobs”? Explain? Interviewer’s Project: How to modify the RDBMs’ Nested SQL queries into Hadoop framework using Pig. Sqoop: Need to know very well. Some of the current projects are importing data from other RDBMs sources into HDFS. Can […]

Hadoop Testing Tools 3

Hadoop Testing Tools MRUnit  – Java framework that helps developers unit test Hadoop Map reduce jobs. Mockito –  Java Framework, similar to MRUnit for unit testing Hadoop Map reduce jobs. PigUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Pig Scripts. HiveRunner – An Open Source unit test framework for hadoop hivequeries based on JUnit4 Beetest –  Unit Testing Framework for Hive Queries Hive_test – Another Open source unit testing framework for Hive […]

String Functions in Hive 3

This post is about basic String Functions in Hive with syntax and examples. Creating Table in HIVE:

String Functions and Normal Queries:

ASCII ASCII Function converts the first character of the string into its numeric ASCII value.

 CONCAT The CONCAT function concatenates all the strings/columns.

CONCAT_WS Syntax: “CONCAT_WS(string delimiter, string str1,str2……)” The CONCAT_WS function concatenates all the strings only strings and Column with datatype string.