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Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers Part – 2

Below are a few more Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers. Please refer previous posts on this topic for additional questions on HDFS. Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 1.  What is HDFS ?  HDFS is a distributed file system implemented on Hadoop’s framework. It is a block-structured distributed file system designed to store vast amount of data on low cost commodity hardware and ensuring high speed process on data. HDFS stores […]

Hadoop Interview Questions Part – 1 1

Below are a few hadoop interview questions for both hadoop developers and administrators. Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 1.  What is Big Data ? Big data is vast amount of data (generally in GBs or TBs of size) that exceeds the regular processing capacity of the traditional computing servers and requires special parallel processing mechanism. This data is too big and its rate of increase gets accelerated. This data can be either […]

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I am a plsql developer. Intrested to move into bigdata.

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