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The main motto of this site is to provide tutorials on Hadoop technology and Big data tools so that any IT programmer can easily learn ┬áthe most emerging technology, Hadoop and use it for solving Big data processing problems. All the concepts covered in the site are presented with simple tested examples and provides more hands-on visibility of the technology on first read it self. All tutorials are free with […]

Creating Custom Hadoop Writable Data Type 9

If none of the built-in Hadoop Writable data types matches our requirements some times, then we can create┬ácustom Hadoop data type by implementing Writable interface or WritableComparable interface. Common Rules for creating custom Hadoop Writable Data Type A custom hadoop writable data type which needs to be used as value field in Mapreduce programs must implement Writable interface org.apache.hadoop.io.Writable. MapReduce key types should have the ability to compare against each […]

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I am a plsql developer. Intrested to move into bigdata.

Neetika Singh ITA Hadoop in Dec/2016 December 22, 2016