Daily Archives: April 5, 2014

HDFS File System Commands 2

Command Line is one of the simplest interface to Hadoop Distributed File System. Below are the basic HDFS File System Commands which are similar to UNIX file system commands. Once the hadoop daemons are started running, HDFS file system is ready and file system operations like creating directories, moving files, deleting files, reading files and listing directories. We can get list of FS Shell commands with below command. Hadoop fs […]

Suppress Warning Messages in Hadoop

In Hadoop, By default Logging level will be determined by logging configuration variable HADOOP_ROOT_LOGGER in hadoop-env.sh file or by hadoop.root.logger property in log4j.properties file. Default logging configuration is:

i.e. logging level is INFO and logging destination is console. But some times, this setting results in lot of Warning messages on console and leads to confusion in finding the actual required messages on the console. Below are the sample warning messages which […]